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Next generation blood sampling

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"Separately collected dry cell- and plasma fractions of blood are perfectly suited for modern molecular analyses. I think they are on to something that could be of a truly revolutionary nature when it comes to de-centralized blood sampling"

- M.D. Prof. Jonas Bergquist


SampleFacts sample collection card function

The sample cards developed by researchers at Uppsala University separate blood cells from plasma from a finger prick in an instance and can be mailed in to the laboratory for analysis and storage as stable biobanked material. Multiple samples may be cut or punched from the dried cell and plasma fractions for comprehensive molecular analyses. SampleFacts AB was started in 2023 to make this DBS-sampling broadly available. The collection of samples where cells are separated from plasma directly from a drop of blood, saves significant time and cost, and has a reduced environmental impact for sample collection, transport, and storage, typically associated with blood-testing and biobanking.

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Our aim is to democratize specimen collection and expand the potential by convenient and accurate sampling, with simplified instant separation. By utilizing a transition to remote sample collection, we will add a great deal of benefits across medical research, drug development, diagnostics and understanding human health.

- Maryam Poorafshar

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Simple facts about SampleFacts

We are an Uppsala, Sweden-based team, combining academic researchers and business professionals. We share the goal of introducing our microsampling devices to enable low-cost collection of separated blood cells and plasma samples.

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